ABUS Red 003 Fire Brigade Padlock


ABUS Red 003 Fire Brigade Padlock

At Xtreme Locksmith, the padlocks that operate with the Metropolitan Fire Brigade 003 key are available.

These locks are recommended to protect fire hydrants, pumps, hoses, fire extinguishers, and other firefighting emergency equipment. The authorised maintenance employees and emergency services have access through the key.

The fire brigade advises using a 003 padlock to the cabinets needed to lock to prevent break-ins. Crews from the fire brigade are equipped with 003 keys and can open the padlock if required. It is a crucial component of any fire service that needs to respond to an emergency.

ABUS 003 padlocks available at Xtreme Locksmith adhere to Australian Fire Brigade regulations, and all fire and rescue emergency services use them.
We use high-quality materials and updated construction methods, proven to keep intruders out — and we do it without compromising quality or durability.


  • In compliance with Australian Fire Brigade norms
  • One key is included with the padlock.
  • Red powder coating makes it easy to spot for the fire department.
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust.
  • Resist tampering or cutting attempts by thieves.


ABUS Fire Brigade 003 Padlock has various features that make it highly effective at stopping thieves from stealing fire hydrants, fire pumps and fire extinguishers.

  • 40mm heavy-duty brass body with nickel plating.
  • Two-ball locking
  • Special alloy shackles as per the norm.
  • 20mm of horizontal clearance and 6.5mm shackle diameter.
  • Use a 72/40 stopper ring to hold the key.
  • Compact design


  • Body width- 39 mm
  • Horizontal Shackle Clearance- 20 mm
  • Vertical Shackle Clearance- 27 mm
  • Shackle diameter- 6.5 mm

Our ABUS 003 padlocks are the perfect solution for any home or business owner in Sydney who wants to ensure their valuable fire tools stay safe and can be accessed when required by the emergency team.

Not only that, but these locks are also easy to use. So even if you’re not an expert locksmith, you’ll be able to secure your firefighting tools with these high-quality locks in no time!

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