Fire Brigade Access Locks

Keys to Help Firefighters Access Communal Doors and Utility Cupboards

Fire Brigade Access Lock Maker in Sydney

Timely action is crucial when dealing with emergencies like fire.

During a fire incident, fire brigade and fire contractors need quick access to communal doors & entrances, firefighting equipment kept in the locked cabinets, water valves, and more in business premises, shopping centres and strata complexes. They use special access keys to unlock any building and start their rescue operations. Such keys are specially made access-keys given to a very few for security reasons and gain emergency access.

Fire Access keys are made by highly experienced locksmiths who comply with the latest industrial security and safety measures. At Xtreme Locksmith, we have been serving businesses, families, hospitals, and institutions all across Australia protection against vandalism, burglary, and fire. We ensure firemen, fire contractors, and other first responders can access residential and commercial buildings using Fire Brigade 004 key during a fire emergency.

Fire Brigade High Security Locks

Our team at Xtreme Locksmiths has developed a superior quality Fire 004 Key that allows fire brigade unhindered access to all areas of a building. The lock comes with a unique double keying configuration that lets one select who should be authorised to access the lock. It’s our way to ensure security isn’t compromised.

Our fire brigade 004 access key is designed to open all commercial standard Australian locks, electrical switches, and key boxes.

The locks is issued with a sticker to install above the lock that makes it easier for the Firemen to find the correct key in time. This saves time and effort by the firefighters to open a lock.

Why Upgrade Your Fire Access Locks?

The new fire 004 Key can be installed on any external door of any residential or buildings.

The product is designed with the aim to allow key first responders, like fire brigade and fire contractors, to have 24*7 access to strata’s buildings, schools, industrial sites, commercial buildings, & shopping centres. Keys are no longer required to be issued to the fire brigade, which again ensures timely action against the fire.

We also offer the convenience of adding more robust security by allowing buildings to have an individual access key lock installed. This cuts down the risk of getting the doors unlocked by intruders and unauthorised personnel.

Moreover, all cylinders and padlocks can be configured who you select to allow authorise the access, ensuring more security in return.
If required, the fire contractor’s key can be configured to the cylinder.

Each cylinder is issued with a card that carries a unique number associated with the key. To get a pair of extra keys, one must produce this card. This allows no unauthorised duplicity of the key.

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Upgrade to our Fire Access Key 004 and rest assured of high-security in return. For more installation details, call us  today.

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