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The DEC has put together a guide to help schools comply with the disability standard.

This is called the Schools Facilities standard or the SS455 guide.

To comply with the SS455 guide we at Xtreme Locksmiths are major partners with the EVVA brand of high security key system.

EVVA DPS is an approved high security Australian standard SC8 Rated Patented key system.

Xtreme locksmiths now offer the expertise, hardware and equipment to upgrade your keying system to conform to the new guide. We will be able to meet any requirements you may need satisfied.

Should you so desire, we are able to send a representative to your school to assess your compatibility with the SS455 guide.


Hospitals, Medical Centres and Pharmancy’s at Xtreme Locksmiths we have the expertise to secure the items that are most value to our criminal and drug uses.

We have solutions to keep these items off the street.

If you require extra security, drug safes and medical cabinets you can solve these problems with just giving us a call today on 0404 804 444.


Xtreme Locksmiths are S.C.E.C accredited.

Our SCEC approved locksmith staff are all qualified to work with the Australian Government, Defence and other critical infrastructure and maintain the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity while on and off site.

So whether you own commercial property and need to provide your tennants with secure premises, operate out of commercial premises and need to manage building access for your staff, or just need new locks for your home, Xtreme locksmiths can help.

Under The S.C.E.C Scheme Xtreme Locksmiths Are Responsible For The Following In Commonwealth Departments and Agencies:

  • Installation of locks for S.C.E.C endorsed security containers and security doors
  • Service and maintain S.C.E.C endorsed security containers and mounted locks
  • Design, supply and install restricted master key systems
  • Service and maintain S.C.E.C endorsed security doors
  • Inspection and report for lock failures
  • Service and maintain locking hardware in secure areas

Xtreme Locksmiths keep confidential any knowledge of their clients’ business or operations acquired through the Locksmith/ Client relationship.

In particular, any details of security equipment, procedures and practices must be handled strictly on a ‘need to know’ basis.

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