Master Key

Restricted Access Master Key Systems – Restricted systems.

High security keying system

Pick, bump and drill protection

Large master key capabilities

Master Key Systems are locks that allow different individuals (or groups) to access either a single room, a collection of rooms in defined areas, or entire buildings with a single key. Access can be controlled with the minimum number of keys, which is both secure, and convenient for users.

We use EVVA Master Key systems, which are some of the most technologically advanced systems available on the Australian market, to provide the very best security for your business.

The high security system you control

EVVA Master Key Systems are manufactured in Vienna, Austria, and offer the latest security technology with robust design and unique operating mechanisms. All this means a stronger lock solution for you and your business.

  • Effective way to increase security at your premises
  • The signature of the original customer is required to create duplicate keys
  • Grant access to some people, deny access to others – you choose
  • Systems are tailored to your needs: you choose whether to have two different keys to work one door or hundreds of keys to unlock hundreds of doors.

EVVA Master Key Lock System

The EVVA Master Key System is an approved high security Australian standard key system which makes it particularly ideal for school security, strata complexes, shopping centres, as well as hospitals, medical centres and pharmacies that require extra security to safeguard drug safes and medical cabinets.

And we are SECC accredited, which means we are specially recognised for maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity when working with the Australian Government, Defence and other critical infrastructure agencies and projects.

We can design a master key system that enables you to manage access to all areas.

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