At Xtreme Locksmith, Sydney’s leading and most reputable commercial and residential locksmith supplier, we strive to make your entire house safer and more secure. To serve this purpose, we provide licensed and specialist locks for your garage door. Each of our garage door locks is engineered with the latest electronic technology to offer optimum protection. Their high-quality setup makes them the strongest and most secure locks possible. They are simple, quick to install and offer a visual barrier. These locks for garage doors have incredibly robust and resilient material and are designed to withstand powerful tools like cutters and grinders. You can use them for metal and wooden garage doors.


No matter what you use your garage for, you want to keep burglars out of them. Safeguard your assets using Xtreme Locksmith's durable and trustworthy locks for garage doors, and be confident of your home safety. They will give you peace of mind, and you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing your home is safe and protected.

Choosing the appropriate garage door lock is essential to keep your garage door well-secured. While it may be challenging with varied door styles and mechanisms, Xtreme Locksmith has a solution for every problem in the book. We supply you with a range of locks to provide multiple options to select the ideal lock for your garage door.

Browse our garage door lock range in Sydney, including T-handle locks, multi-purpose locks, roller door locks, and latch design locks, and find the door type that is perfect for you.