Residential Locksmith Services

We take your home security very seriously, because we know that nothing can replace the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family, property and valuables are safe. Our residential home security products and services are second to none, and our Free Security Assessment by our qualified locksmith security consultants will offer expert advice and help you identify opportunities to improve the security of your home.

Too Many Keys?

One of the most frustrating things is having too many keys and not knowing which one goes with which lock. At Xtreme locksmiths, we can fix that for you, consolidating all your home locks onto a single key system. Imagine just having one house key that covers the front door, window locks, sliding doors, gates, padlocks – everything! Let us show how it can be done!

Need to change the locks?

If you’ve just moved in, or recently had your security compromised, and want to change the locks to make sure only you have the keys to your home, we can help. To secure your home today, call us on 0404 804 444.

How to deter burglars

At a minimum, having a strong door lock system and window locks are important for securing your home and deterring burglars from entering and taking your valuables. By installing an Xtreme locksmith lock, you can rest easy knowing you’ve put your family’s safety first.

Products to Secure your home and valuables

When it comes to protecting your home and valuables, it’s important to be thorough and methodical. Our years of experience as locksmiths, and breadth of experience across residential, business and commercial installations ensure we are up to date with security practices to protect your home.

Using a range of home security products can ensure you maximise your protection. By taking advantage of our Free Security Assessment, conducted by a qualified locksmith, we can recommend a range of products to ensure your home’s safety. This may include front door deadlocks, window locks, patio and sliding door locks, security screen door locks, door viewers, door locks and home safes. Our recommendations will also ensure your home insurance premiums can be minimised, by having compliant solutions in place to secure your home.

If you need help protecting your home, call us today on 0404 804 444 and have Xtreme Locksmiths give you Xtreme home protection.

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