Commercial and Industrial High Security MasterKey Systems

Xtreme Locksmiths are proud to be the master agent in Sydney for EVVA high quality, mechanical Master Key systems.

Master Key systems are locks that allow different individuals (or groups) to access to a single room, collection of rooms in defined areas, or entire buildings with a single key. The main benefit of Master Key systems is that access can be controlled with the minimum number of keys, which is both secure, and convenient for users.

EVVA Master Key Systems are manufactured in Vienna, Austria, and offer the latest security technology with robust design and unique operating mechanisms. All this means a stronger lock solution for you and your business, providing enhanced security. The unique design makes lock picking almost impossible.

MasterKey Systems (EVVA Products) are particularly suited to Commercial, Industrial & Government applications, such as in Airports, Universitys, Utilities, Transport, Logistics, Councils, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Schools and Hotels and Resorts.

Importantly, EVVA is ONLY available through qualified locksmiths and installed by fully qualified technicians. As such, you can be assured of a high quality system that is one of the best in the world.

Xtreme Locksmiths over two different EVVA systems:

EVVA – 3KS Highest Security Reversible Key System

The 3KSplus is one of the most secure Master Key systems available on the Australian market. It’s unique, patented, spring less operating principle makes this solution stand out from the crowd. Unlike conventional locking systems that confirm a single check when the key is engaged, the locking elements in the 3KSplus cylinder move along curves on the key, meaning the key is scanned four times during the locking action, providing enhanced protection. The curves, combed with the springless locking pin function, guarantees pick resistance and durability.

EVVA Double Profile high security key system

The EVVA Double Profile High Security Key System is a high-quality, patented, mechanical MasterKey system that can be scaled as needed to install the largest of key systems. It offers high-security, anti-pick, anti-bump sliders made from some of the strongest materials available on the market. Teflon impregnated nickel silver, combined with hardened steel pins, protect the cylinder against attacks.

EVVA Master Key systems are compatible with all current key control management software.

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