Interceptor 2070

Interceptor 2070

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This safe has the capacity of 20 Litres and weighs approximately 70 Kilograms. Security features include,

  • 4 point locking system
  • 2 x 20mm diameter solid Retractable stainless steel bolts
  • Quality UL rated locks and Independent relocking Facility
  • Locks mounted on drill resistant harden plates
  • 30-35mm wall surrounding safe compartment
  • 30 Minutes fire resistance
  • 2 x 18mm Holes in Base for anchoring
  • an a high surface area to height ratio

This safe will accommodate A4 size documents, has 1 shelf, can be fitted with key, combination or digital

HEIGHT -Ext480   Int405

WIDTH   -Ext305   Int230

DEPTH    -Ext305   Int220


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