Home Security

Xtreme Locksmiths know how important your home and possessions are to you, and do everything we can to ensure their security.

When evaluating your home security, the best place to start is by taking advantage of our Free Home Security Assessment. At your invitation, we will come out to your property and assess the current security measures in place (such as door and window locks) and make recommendations on alternatives you can consider to be more secure. We can advise and install locks to improve your security to your home, while meeting your home insurer’s specific requirements.

In addition to our lock and hardware product sales and locksmith services, we also provide a range of enhanced home security services that provide for additional peace of mind, at a competitive price.

Digital Locks

A Digital Lock is a mechanical method of keyless entry. Using a keypad and “PIN-like code” to enter instead of a key can make your property much safer.

While digital Locks have traditionally been expensive and impractical, today’s range of Digital Locks are affordable, easy to use and even cost effective.

Each user can have their own pin number and not have to worry when they leave their keys at home. Digital Locks are also great as your high school kids can get into the house and you don’t need to worry about them losing their keys.

You know when each user accesses the house day and night.

CCTV Visual Surveillance

Xtreme Locksmiths can install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) visual surveillance systems in both residential and commercial properties.

We are agents for all major brands and will consult with your requirements to ensure you receive the system which suits your needs.

We can supply you with a single camera system or a multiple camera system with digital recorders for storage and playback. For hard to access areas we can supply wireless CCTV systems.

Just call us on 0404 804 444 or email us for further details.

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